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“If you don’t confront it, you condone it.”

There is an identity crisis that is plaguing our society. A flood of deception, corruption,

and perversion seeks to undermine God's good and perfect design. 

It’s clear that we need help. Many believers are looking at the state of the world, wondering,

“How did we get here?”  The answer is simple—by being silent when it was time to speak up.

When small issues are left unaddressed, they grow into massive problems.

God is not passive. Jesus was not afraid to confront. It’s time for the church to embrace

the boldness of Jesus and fearlessly stand for truth. Confrontation is not scary, taboo, or toxic;

it should be welcomed, encouraged, and practiced.

When we embrace The Lost Art of Confrontation and learn to speak the truth with love,

peace, and respect, we will confidently stand firm against evil and experience

true unity in the Body of Christ!

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