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Grace Place Ministries


An online course

You’re going to church. You try to read your Bible. You’re spending time in prayer. But if you’re honest with yourself, you feel like something is missing.  

You feel... stuck, asking yourself, “Is this all there is?”

Odds are, something got left out. And in most cases, it wasn’t intentional. If church has become routine and your relationship with God feels a bit dull, it may be time to reflect on the words of Jesus Christ: “Go and make disciples…”

Authentic discipleship is a lost art.

For many, discipleship has been reduced to function, daily reading plans, and weekly meetings. However, the discipleship we read about in the Scriptures is deeply relational, heartfelt, and hands-on. In the words of Paul, it’s, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” 

Jesus didn’t raise clones, He raised mature sons and daughters equipped to change the world. It’s time we do the same.

The Lost Art of Discipleship online course was designed to help you bridge the gap between mere information and the transformation you long for. You are made to walk in the power, character, and love of Jesus Christ. There is more to following Jesus if you are ready to step into it. 

Sign up for The Lost Art of Discipleship online course today and begin the journey!

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  • 10 Powerful lessons to reshape the way you view discipleship (over 4 hours of content!)

  • The Lost Art of Discipleship hardcover book so you can go even deeper!

  • The companion workbook so you can apply what you are learning

  • The embossed journal so you can track your growth and transformation


  • Why most attempts at discipleship ultimately fall short of what Jesus modeled

  • What becoming a disciple really is—and how to become one

  • Why discipling others is critical to your own discipleship journey

  • The keys to creating a culture of discipleship that produces real transformation


  • Powerful personal shifts as you learn to embrace truth within like-minded community

  • What it’s like to build and sustain a healthy spiritual community and family

  • The process of spiritual formation and growing in the character of Christ

  • A growing confidence as you learn to bring others along in your discipleship journey

  • A deeper revelation of your identity as a son or daughter, and your role in God’s kingdom 

If you are a pastor/ministry leader and are interested in group pricing,

Email us at:

Taught By


Daniel Newton

Founder & Director of
Grace Place Ministries

Daniel Newton is a visionary author and itinerant minister based in Redding, California. He is the founder and director of Grace Place Ministries, a community of passionate believers who seek to fulfill the Great Commission by discipling young adults, ministering around the world, and resourcing the nations. He has traveled to over 35 countries and seen thousands of lives transformed through the Gospel of Grace. Over the last 20 years, Daniel has devoted himself to raising up mature sons and daughters of God with a clear understanding of grace and the finished work of the Cross. Daniel is the author of  The Lost Art of Discipleship: God’s Model for Transforming the World, Never Give Up: The Supernatural Power of Christlike Endurance, Truth in Tension: 55 Days to Living in Balance, and The Lost Art of Perseverance: Rediscover God’s Perspective on Your Trials.

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