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14 Days


Into All the

The Sick


The Captives


What to expect on this trip:

  • Trip Itinerary.

    • March 29th, Fly from the United States.

    • March 30th, Arrive in Cape Town and Travel to George, South Africa.

    • April 6th, Travel back to Cape Town.

    • April 11th, Fly back to the United States.

  • Each day will be a full day of ministry. Starting around 9:30 AM and going till around midnight or later each night. Teams will be split up from between 4-12 people each day and sent out throughout the region.

  • On an average day, we have breakfast together and a time of prayer and worship. From there we split you into teams to go throughout the city to do various outreach and ministry. Lunch will be sent with you. Later in the day, we will meet back up for dinner. After dinner, we will send groups out to churches in the region where we will be leading nightly services. Following the services, we will meet for a debrief of the day to share testimonies of what God has done! (This is one of our favorite times)

  • Potential types of ministry include; street evangelism, treasure hunts, church services, prophetic sessions, prison ministry, juvenile detention ministry, praying and ministering at local businesses, meeting with business leaders, sharing on radio networks, and going into hospitals and children's hospitals to pray for the sick, visiting orphanages and conducting after school care, feeding the poor, food packaging and distribution, and meeting with local municipal leaders.

Trip Costs & Deadlines:

  • Trip cost: $3,600. (Subject to change based on departing airport)

  • This includes:

    • Accommodations while in South Africa

    • Transportation throughout the trip

    • Breakfast

    • Most lunches

    • Dinners

    • Taxes & Tips

    • Airfare from Major US Cities to Cape Town

  • Payment Deadlines:

    • Application and a $1,600 non-refundable deposit are required by February 8th. 

    • The final payment of $2,000 is due by March 8th. 

I'm Interested!


  • You will receive a link to fill out a team member application. 

  • After you fill out an application you will hear from a Grace Place Team Member within 2-3 business days to set up an online interview.  A few days after the interview, our team will reach out to you to communicate if you are accepted. Once accepted, you will receive regular updates as we move closer to the trip.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $1,600 by February 8th will be required to hold your spot and pay for your plane ticket.

  • Our team members will host a few team webinars to discuss the trip and prepare you for ministry. Leading up to the trip you will receive a participant packet containing final details and travel information.

Will You Go?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the physical requirements for this trip?

This trip will include lots of walking, including up and down stairs. We recommend that you be physically prepared to walk a minimum of 2 miles per day and comfortably climb numerous stairs.

What are the passport and visa requirements?

You must have a valid passport from your country to enter South Africa. It is very important that your passport expires at least 6 months AFTER the date of your departure from South Africa.

Tourist visas are not required for U.S. Citizens and most nations. To check visa requirements for your country, click [HERE]

Are there any vaccines required?

There are no special vaccines required to visit South Africa. It is always good to check with your doctor for any recommendations when traveling internationally. Covid vaccines are no longer required for travel to South Africa.

Why do I need to purchase Trip Cancellation/Travel Insurance?

We have found it imperative that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. The cost is reasonable and provides you with two primary benefits:

  1. It will cover you in the event that you must cancel your trip (make sure you review the allowable cancellation reasons).

  2. It will provide you with medical and accident coverage while traveling (many U.S. health plans do not cover you while traveling overseas. please check with your health plan).

The company we recommend is TravelSafe. They have a good record of paying claims and their costs are reasonable.

You can use this link for a quote or to purchase:

Have Questions?

Send us an email at

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