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The Lost Art of Discipleship Bundle

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When you join The Lost Art of Discipleship online course, you’ll get:

  • 10 Powerful lessons to reshape the way you view discipleship (over 4 hours of content!)
  • The Lost Art of Discipleship hardcover book so you can go even deeper!
  • The companion workbook so you can apply what you are learning
  • The embossed journal so you can track your growth and transformation

You’ll learn:

  • Why most attempts at discipleship ultimately fall short of what Jesus modeled
  • What becoming a disciple really is—and how to become one
  • Why discipling others is critical to your own discipleship journey
  • The keys to creating a culture of discipleship that produces real transformation

You’ll experience:

  • Powerful personal shifts as you learn to embrace truth within like-minded community
  • What it’s like to build and sustain a healthy spiritual community and family
  • The process of spiritual formation and growing in the character of Christ
  • A growing confidence as you learn to bring others along in your discipleship journey
  • A deeper revelation of your identity as a son or daughter, and your role in God’s kingdom
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