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The Lost Art Series

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This unique series is the fruit of decades of studying Scripture, discipling believers, and ministering around the world. These books aim to revive core practices and truths from the Word of God that many have lost sight of. The Lost Art Series is not just about gaining knowledge but about applying that knowledge to your daily life and growing in your faith. It is ideal for personal study, small group discussions, or as a resource for pastors and teachers.

Each book in the series focuses on a specific "lost art" of the Christian faith, such as fasting, selfless love, generosity, or praying in tongues. By exploring these topics in-depth, you will gain a greater appreciation for the importance of these practices in your spiritual life. Whether you're a seasoned theologian or a new believer, you'll find something valuable in these books. Overall, The Lost Art Series is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to deepen their faith and grow closer to God and others.

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