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*Now accepting applications for 10-Month housing*



The Grace Place Women's House is:

  • Fully furnished

  • 2 bedroom

  • 1.5 bathroom 

  • Located on Burton Ct.

This house has a washing machine, dryer, and fridge.


This young adult (17-30) women’s house is located two miles from the Civic, two miles away from Bethel church, and near the mall and main grocery stores. This neighborhood is very safe and in a central location.


*10-month lease with a security deposit.

Shared Room – $400/month (2 people) & $17 for wifi

Shared Master – $400/month (3 people) & $17 for wifi, or $600/month (2 people) & $26 for wifi

*Utilities INCLUDED as long as they stay below $200/month


There is also an initial household supply fee of $100 which includes toilet paper, paper towels, kitchen & cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent. This will drop to $10 after the first month to keep the house stocked with supplies.


Shared Room Security Deposit – $426

Shared Master Security Deposit – $426 (3 people) or $634 (2 people)


Grace Place is a discipleship community for those who are passionate to pursue personal growth during their time in Redding. We offer optional one-on-one mentoring to help young adults grow in their relationship with God and others as they learn their identity in Christ.


We believe in the power of discipleship, offering access to leaders who will speak into your life on a consistent basis. A house pastor will be accessible for you to reach out to however often you would like as a resource, offering wisdom on how to live in excellence, receive and give healthy confrontation, intentionally pursue leaders, and much more.


Through it all, our goal is to cultivate a solid foundation of identity in the next generation of leaders so they are equipped to spread the Kingdom through intentional community and discipleship—all by God's grace.


If you desire to be a part of a thriving community while growing in relationship with the Lord and others during your time in Redding, we encourage you to prayerfully consider applying to Grace Place. Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are now open!


Can I apply to live in Grace Place with my friend/family member?
We would love for you and your friend or family member to apply, though we cannot guarantee that both of you will be accepted. Each of you will need to apply and go through the interview process individually.

Is there an age requirement for living in Grace Place?
Grace Place is a housing community for young adults who are 17 to 30.

Are pets allowed in the houses?
Unfortunately, none of our houses are pet-friendly.

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

You are welcome to bring your own bedding, but we also have two options available.

1. You can purchase a set for $50 which we would have ready for you upon arrival.

2. You can lease a bed set for $30 which you would return at the end of the year in the original condition you received it in. If the bed set is damaged then you would pay an extra $10 total to cover the cost of any replacements.

Are the houses furnished?
We provide furniture and most necessary items for all of our houses. These include beds, sofas, appliances, cookware, plates, cutlery, cups, and cleaning products.

Are utilities included in the rent price?
Yes, all utilities are included up to a certain threshold based on which property you are applying for. Cost for WiFi and house supplies (toilet paper, dish soap, etc) are added on top of rent and utilities.

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