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Can I apply to live in Grace Place with my friend/family member?
We would love for you and your friend or family member to apply, though we cannot guarantee that both of you will be accepted. Each of you will need to apply and go through the interview process individually.

Is there an age requirement for living in Grace Place?
Grace Place is a housing community for young adults who are 17 to 30.

Are pets allowed in the houses?
Unfortunately, none of our houses are pet-friendly.

Can my husband/wife live with me?
We do not offer housing for married couples.

Do I need to bring my own bedding?
We provide bedding for all of our houses. You do not need to bring any of your own bedding.

Are the houses furnished?
We provide furniture and most necessary items for all of our houses. These include beds, sofas, appliances, cookware, plates, cutlery, cups, and cleaning products.

Are utilities included in the rent price?
Yes, all utilities are included up to a certain threshold based on which property you are applying for. Cost for WiFi and house supplies (toilet paper, dish soap, etc) are added on top of rent and utilities.

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