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Never Give Up: Supernatural Power of Christ-like Endurance

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We can’t control the circumstances in our lives. The question isn’t if we will face opposition, but rather how we will respond when it comes.

When resistance, difficulty, or seasons of tribulation come against you, what is your response? In today’s world, it’s become common to throw in the towel and give up... but what about the great heroes of faith that we read of in Scripture? They certainly did not have it easy. In fact, they consistently persevered through trials, overcame opposition, and conquered their giants. These men and women learned the valuable secret of endurance. Resistance is not meant to stop us, but rather to form the character of Christ in us. Never Give Up is designed to establish you in the persevering nature of God so that no matter what adversity you face, you will always remember this truth:

Giving Up is Never an Option!

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